Canada Action and City of Calgary invite Victoria mayor to tour oil sands


As an act of city-to-city diplomacy, Canada Action in partnership with the City of Calgary have invited the mayor of Victoria, B.C. to tour the oil sands on April 26, 2019.

The tour of Cenovus’ Foster Creek Oil Sands Facility consisted of Canada Action members, Calgary Councillors , Victoria Mayor Lisa Helps and Industry Leaders

A statement from Canada Action says, “Canada Action and the City of Calgary are eager to take these first steps alongside Mayor Helps so as to further strengthen positive mutual understanding concerning re- source development in our oil and gas sector and other parts of the country.”

Canada Action founder, Cody Battershill, believes that Canada can do better to keep up with the growing demand of resources.

“We need to create and champion our own brand so others can’t fill the void with mis-information. Canada is a global leader in the environmentally progressive production of our natural resources, in a manner that balances environmental protection with growing global demand for our resources, creating tremendous opportunity for our country”, says Battershill.

Battershill and Canada Action believe the tour with Mayor Helps will help “initiate much-needed communication between the energy sector and those concerned about future resource development in Canada.”

Canada Action says that Helps’ willingness to tour the facility is an ” admirable example of mutual consideration.”

“I have a responsibility to gain a wider perspective, and that’s why I’m coming. I don’t necessarily know if I’ll change my mind or not, but I’m certainly coming with an open mind”, says Mayor Helps.

Canada Action’s mission is to advocate for Canada’s world leading resource industry and the hard working Canadians within it.

Canada Action

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